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Juan Martin Del Potro, press conference statements

Juan Martin del Potro insists its goal is to be 100%  for the second half of the year and especially for the U.S. Open. But if he keeps playing the way he is doing until now, no one will end up believing him.

The Argentine displayed a sublime tennis to stop on the No. 4 of the world, Robin Soderling 6-3/6-2, and advance to the second round of the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne.

Tandil Tower was not only convincing but also ended up taking a shot to finish the first set, which can be easily described as the best in the tournament.

“It was a nice point. I think people enjoyed it a lot,”said Del Potro, who finished the day with just seven unforced errors to reach their twentieth win of the year.

But the most important figure of Del Potro on Sunday was a different one. With his first serve, the South American won the point in 22 of 25 occasions, for a huge 88 percent.

Yes, I think that was the key. I served very well. In the previous game I had problems with my service and so I was training on Saturday because I knew that to beat Soderling needed to improve it,”said Delp, who finished the match with 12 aces.

Now the former world number four will face American Mardy Fish, who just defeted in Delray Beach 6-1, 7-5 some weeks ago.

I’m exhausted. I do not expect an easy game,”said Del Potro, who reiterated that will take a break just after Key Biscayne tournament.

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Picture source: AP

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Juan Monaco, what “Pico” said on press conference

Monaco, who “broke his employment relationship” with Gaston Etlis as he confirmed in the press conference after the match

“Gastón is a great person and an even better trainer” Monaco explained “However, we had different ways of watching tennis and decided to take different directions”

He played yesterday against Stakhovsky and his statements about the match were:

The truth is that when I served for the match 5-4 in the second set, he played a perfect game and I got a little bit disappointed when he won the set in the tie break. But I felt playing really food and I wasn’t going to “lower my arms”*

“I lost a bit of precision in the third set because the heat was strong. But luckily I won it and I’m so happy to be in the third round in Indian Wells”.

While Juan Monaco was in the press conference room, Roger Federer appears in the door and gives to Monaco a message: “well done today, see you on monday”

And that see you on monday from Federer has a real meaning, because they’re playing each other in the 3rd round of the tournament. It appears that they’re playing last match at night and although there are clear respect for one of the best players of all time, Monaco keeps faith intact.

Of course, one look at the draw before,” admitted Monaco.” But I will enter this match thinking I have a chance of winning. Otherwise, I would stay in the locker room. Some say this kind of matches you have to enjoy them, but I have fun in a restaurant, these matches I suffer them, and sometimes that sense of urgency is also good

Obviously he’s the favorite, and even more playing on this surface, ” said the Argentine. “But I feel confident.

A week ago, Juan Ignacio Chela had said before facing Federer that in the match there would be facing “a Swiss express train against a Sarmiento. ”

Monaco, confessed fan of Estudiantes de la Plata, opted for a football-related anecdote.

There comes a Estudiantes-Barcelona, “said Monaco. “We were two minutes to beat them, why can I not make it?.


* It is a literal translation from Spanish and I’m not sure if it means the same en English so here it goes the explanation it means like surrender

Picture from: Getty Images
Informacion from: ESPN

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Hope for Japan: Charity Soccer Match

Tennis Now brings you highlights of the Hope For Japan charity soccer match held at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, to raise money for the aid and care of disaster victims in Japan. The ATP All Stars, led by such top players as Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, and Rafael Nadal, took on the Fort Lauderdale Strikers in a rousing and well-attended match. Andy Murray and Marcos Baghdatis each scored for the ATP, but ultimately the Strikers took the match 4-2.

Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic offer reporters their thoughts on the match and the humanitarian cause. Watch to find out more!





And I leave a picture Juan Monaco uploaded to his Twitter (@picomonaco) about the match


Original Link to the information:

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Interview with Juan Mónaco (November 2010 – Valencia Open) by ETQNV

This is a translation of the original interview I did to Juan Mónaco in November 2010 in the Valencia Open for the website El Tenis Que No Vemos. I hope you enjoy it and sorry but my English is not perfect… I’ll translating also during the weekend another interview I did the same date to Juan Ignacio Chela.

If you want any translations, articles or whatever just ask for it!!!!!


El Tenis Que No Vemos – Dusseldorf winner, final in Santiago, semis in Acapulco, Buenos Aires and for the first time in an Open 1000 in Shanghai… What would be you balance of 2010? Do you think you have achieved all the goals you set at the begining of the year?

Juan Mónaco – I think the balance until know is good, I still have two tournaments to go and the goal at the begining of the year was ending it in the Top20. I’m in the position 26 right know and I still have this two tournaments that are very important. And if I think that I was two months and a half injured and I didn’t have the chance to play all the calendar tournaments, I believe that the year was good. But well, the goal at the begining of the year was to end in the Top20, so I’m gonna try.

ETQNV – A lot of people is talking about an “actual crisis” in the Argentine tennis. What do you think about that?

JM – It could be. But I don’t know if it is a real crisis, maybe the previous years were too good. I don’t think there is a total crisis, I mean, there are still players: Nalbandian, Del Potro who couldn’t play most of the year… And I think there’s a new important generation coming, for example Velotti, who won Roland Garros Junior this year, Argüello, Guido Pella, Delbonis… They’re all players younger that 20 years old and I think that next year or the next one are going to reach the Top 100.

ETQNV – You rarely play doubles with the same partner. Who do you think is you ideal partner, the one you play better with? And the one you have more fun with?

JM – I think the one I play better with and the one with whom I enjoy the most is Machi González, because we’ve know each other for a lifetime. We play together since we were kids and we have got good results: we won a tournament (Valencia 2008) and semis in the US Open (2009). I have also play a lot with Lucas Arnold and got good results together. And I’m probably not playing that much dobles nowadays due to the wrist injury and this is the first tournament I’m on the dobles draw and I’m playing with Cuevas, with whom I get on really well and we’re good friends. We played together this year in Rome and we reached semifinals.

ETQNV – What match do you remember that you have played and finished thinking “this has been the best match of my life”?

JM – I think that Buenos Aires final, the first tournament I won, I beat Di Mauro quite easy, I had a really good feeling about the way I played that match. I also remember about a semifinals match in Kiztbuhel against Verdasco which I also played amazing, I won in two sets. But probably about thinking I played amazing there are not much feelings. As long as one is calling for more all the time and try to keep improving so I rarely think played the best match of my life.

ETQNV – Do you feel fulfilled in your career? Do you have any burr under your saddle?

JM -No, I think I’m in the middle of my career. I think I still have more to show. If I’ve reached the ranking position 14, my objective in the long term is becoming a Top 10 and I think I’m gonna feel fulfilled when I reach it. That is my goal.

ETQNV – If Argentina were back in the Davis Cup final, what rival would choose Spain or France? Why?

JM – It depends whether we play at home or as visitors. I think against any of both team would be very hard, but if we have the chance to play another final I’d like it to be against Spain. Thus we get a “revenge” because the Argentine people, the Argentine tennis pleople were a little bit hurt and we could have the chance to reverse the situation.

ETQNV – Our webpage (ETQNV) follows a lot of Juniors and Future tournaments. What advice would you give to the ones that fight for getting the first ATP point? Tell us a little bit from you experience.

JM – Sometimes, when you don’t have any ATP points you feel like it’s so difficult to get one. And the truth is that it is really difficult, it’s way much difficult to get the first point than the next 10 points. Because it is something one longs for and you’re working hard to get it and it is difficult because the other play better or are phisicaly better when you’re young. I think that the best advice I could give them is to be calm, not get impatient and don’t get obsessed with taking the first point but with looking forward and growing in the Ranking.

ETQNV – You lived in different countries outside Argentina, like Spain and the USA. What did you enjoy most about each country? Is there anything you miss? Would you live abroad again?

JM – Yes, I think I’d do it again because I found it very good to be educated abroad. I was able to do things like playing tournaments all the weeks I wanted and in Argentina I wouldn’t have been able to do it because there are not that many tournaments, calendar and economics issues. It made me mature suddenly, leave the nest and have a pain that when I got over it formed me in my tennis career. I mean, all that suffering of leaving home so young I moved it to put that desire and enthusiasm for my career to become proffessional and was what I wanted since the day I left my home. Both Miami, when I lived there, and Barcelona I loved the cities, still remain the most beautiful cities I could have lived in.

ETQNV – A few days ago you were talking on Twitter about a soccer match on the Playstation and what you made the lossers do. What is the funniest thing that someone had make you do for lossing a match? And that you have made someone else do? To whom was it?

JM – I think that the hardest thing I’ve done was with Rafa in Indian Wells, we lost to Moya and Ferrer and we had to go f rom the bedroom to the gym, which were almost 200 metres, in underpants and once in the gym, in front of everybody do 10 push-ups, I think that was the worst of all I’ve done. And also in Hamburg we lost and aproximately 21h go downstairs in underpant and do 20 push-ups in front of the receptionist, we had a lot of shame! And that we have made others do… mostly the same stuff, or maybe that they “do as a dog” around all the player’s lounge, maybe to Ferrer and Moya too a couple of times. And then, about the Twitter comments, we played against Murray and we won and he said that he had won, but it was all a lie, we were the winners and I have no idea of why he said that.

ETQNV – And to finish, what did it meant to you being in the World Cup in South Africa?

JM – It was a nice experience for being there but horrible for being there and lossing the match. I already want 2014 to come so I can change the image I got about the World Cup.


For reading the original one in Spanish CLICK HERE!!!!!






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About to debut in Miami… Monaco is worried about his dog

As  I’ve been asked to post things on “player’s voices” there it goes the first post about that topic. Player: Juan Mónaco

Juan “Pico” Mónaco is about to debut in Miami Masters 1000, one of the most important tournaments of the ATP World Circuit. But, he doesn’t seem nervous at all about the first match but… about the possible pregnacy of his dog.

In his twitter account @picomonaco he wrote: “nice to find out that the neighbour’s dog “made love with*”  my little dog, that she’s not even a year!!” But there was also time for reflection of the player on the event: “It’s killing me not being able to raise her day to day

However, “flouting” the female gender of the animal world he added: “my little dog vs a big, old, blanco and rough, I think that the big dog won, snatched it, and mine wanted to party I think”

Original Article:

* I’m not totally sure about the translations of what Pico said because it’s a very colloquial languaje


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Sony Ericsson Open Miami – QUALY

The qualy draw for the tournament has been released. The Argentine players on the tournament are [7] Horacio Zeballos, who is going to play against Daniel Muñóz de la Nava (SPA), and [5] Brian Dabul, who is going to play against Frank Dancevic (CAN).

Qualy draw:

Order of play for tomorrow:

The players that are signed up for the Main Draw are

– Juan Mónaco
– Juan Ignacio Chela
– Carlos Berlocq
– Juan Martín Del Potro


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Juan Martín Del Potro couldn’t make it through Nadal

Rafael Nadal (SPA) won the match over Juan Martín Del Potro (ARG) 6-4/6-4 and he’ll face Novak Djokovic in the final (who won Roger Federer 6-3/3-6/6-2)

In the first Juan Martín started playing quite good while Nadal was a bit “absent”. Del Potro started wining 3-0, but then Rafa got totally into the match and won the first set 6-4. Del Potro best weapon, the serve, didn’t help him during the whole the match and he barely won the 60% of the points with the first serve and 47% with second serve.

The second set both started playing at the same level until Rafa got the break in the 3-2 getting 4-2. After that game, none of them could make a break again and Nadal won the second set also 6-4.

Therefore, Indian Wells final would be [1] Rafael Nadal (ESP) vs [3] Novak Djokovic (SRB)

If you want to watch the highlights of the match CLICK HERE thanks to @Alexrossf

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