Gastón Gaudio… the worst of all

I, the worst of all… I think that if Gastón Gaudio would have the chance to choose a title for his biography would be this one. Yes, unfortunately, because he has the capacity to become at the same moment ‘victim and victimizer’ of him and his immense talent…

For these days thousands of images come and go, it seems like it’s been ages since his debut in Davis Cup and the amazing matches of which he was the hero.

It seems even more distant the sunny afternoon at Roland Garros in which he was the King, the winner. And he had the glory in his hands and the dream of his life, stopped being a dream.

Nowadays, the reality is very different and shows a more vulnerable Gaudio than usual, more susceptible to his own boycott and with little capacity to withstand the failure to create, the lack of ideas when it comes to tennis.

Yes, because Gaudio nowadays feels bad in a tennis court. Nowadays, Gastón doesn’t enjoy and suffers a lot, much more than all of us who admire him and, perhaps selfishly, refuse to run out of those beautiful pictures that Gaston offers us whenever his head takes time off and Gaudio is just tennis.

Talent is what he has left, trust is what is missing.

And it’s hard to take what life gives you a higher level. And it is hard to live with it and not being able to materialize what you know you can do…

You may or may not like Gaudio, but you cannot deny that he is one of the few players who has all the hits, provokes all the effects and when he’s out for playing he ensures variety, suprise and his innovative ‘dialogues’, in which we can see how Gaudio survives Gastón.

In his book there is always diversity and beauty search. He always chooses the most difficult one, and not for haughtiness, but because in his heart he knows what his talent allows him to create. How can a player who is used to subtlety understand that he has to accept the simple task of hiting the ball inside the opponent’s part of the court?

For some is easier that for others….

The reality today is uncertain, and what until recently provoked even simpathy, nowadays causes suspicion. Because the sayings in the courts came to the press rooms and the feared sentence was heard ‘Everyday I think about stopping playing tennis‘.

For all of us who enjoy, admire and demand things from Gaudio that turns unacceptable. But not surprising, because the agony with which ‘El Gato’ faces tournaments lately is too explicit… too clear.

All his fans know that Gaudio is an incredible one handed backhand or a shot on the run where the ball seems to get rid of a caress, a good serve and the mood instability personified. Due to all of that… the suffering, the agony, the exigency.. and also the joy.

Gaudio… you can take him or leave him, people may change but do not suffer so drastic changes. And if Gastón didn’t have those inclemencies against himself then he wouldn’t be Gastón.

The premise says that tennis is ‘head and ability’ and most of the people think that it is even more head than hability. But Gastón is tennis… and it is even more difficult to be a Top Ten for three years without what most of the people think is essential.

Then… what can we say about Gaudio?

If he decides whether or not to retire… he is the one who has the last word. For the good of tennis, hopefully not. But if the balance drives him to the ‘goodbye’, his decition will be totally respectable. Because it will be taken probably with the heart and looking for a better period. Because things are like that right? And we should accompany and respect our idols.

Anyway, the balance is always in favor… We could and still can enjoy and get excited with the worst of all… and how!!!


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2 responses to “Gastón Gaudio… the worst of all

  1. croclay

    Grande Gaudio!

  2. Maru

    I just loved it! it’s a great article!! congratulations and give us some more!!

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