Pablo Cuevas in Pura Química (ESPN)

Pablo Cuevas was in Mariano Zabaleta’s program on ESPN last

I’m gonna make the translations for the questions that Zabala asked him at the end of the program, but if there is anybody who wants something else translated please just tell me the minute and I’ll try to do it as soon as I can.

I leave in here the part of the video that I’m going to translate.

Mariano: You have to tell the truth!! Did you do anything at any moment to deconcentrate your opponent?

Pablo: Yes.

Mariano: Like what? You need to give an example please. Whatever it is, here everything is forgiven

Pablo: Sometimes, for example, if the opponent misses the first serve, more than once I have thrown the ball to the net in a critical moment like for giving him some more time to make a double fault. Something like that, but rarely and depending on who is at the other side of the net.

Mariano: Do you mind to have a women umpire or a men umpire?

Pablo: Actually, I prefer a men.

Mariano: So do I

German Paolosky: why?

Pablo: It’s easier to handdle. For example, if I’m going to hire a choffer I’d rather prefer him to be a men than a women.

Mariano: I think that in a critical time of discussion, when you are very nervous, for me is way more difficult to argue with a women.

Pablo: You have to keep the “bad words”.

Jose Chatruc: so you can insult the men

Pablo: no, no you cannot because they expell you but when you turn around…

Mariano: there is a video in Youtube about David Ferrer, in a match in the US Open where the umpire is a women and he gets mad and starts telling her things like “you’re not good for anything” In that cases the umpire has to expell him out of the court and she didn’t.
Third question, what was the worst thing you have done in a court being angry? Hitting a ballboy a kick in the head?

Pablo: No lol! In a Davis Cup I threw a ball, accidentally, to the middle of the crowd. I missed a voley and the ball stayed on the net and the first thing that came to my mind was hitting the ball and I did so and the ball went to the middle of the tribune. The whole court was shouting like UHH for me to get expelled. I started to say sorry sorry sorry. And I dont remember if it hit someone or not but sometimes they don’t judge if you hit someone but where the ball was going.

Laura Ezcurra: did you win or loss this match?

Pablo: I lost

Mariano: forth question, did you ever look with affection to the wife of another collaegue?

Pablo: Yes….

German Paolosky: was he a southamerican?

Pablo: no I don’t remember… It has happened more than once

Jose Chatruc: can I make a question in the middle for both of you? Did you ever go to she a women’s match to look the girls not the match?

Mariano:  yes, I went to watch a complete match of Steffi Graff . I was very young and she was incredible. Pablo didn’t answer!

Pablo: No, no , never. I mean I have gone to she women’s matches but for other reasons.

German Paolosky: and what about Andrea Petkovic who is cute?

Pablo: she is really nice and the truth is that I like the way she plays, her attitude inside and outside the court, she is very funny.

Mariano: fifth question, did you ever take advantage of any “raquetera” (girls who likes tennis players because they’re tennis players)?

Pablo: No never… (he said it while looking to the floor and laughing)

Mariano: I like when he answers and at the same time looks to the floor. Anyway, it became clear that he did.
Sixth question, did you ever get to a fight with another tennis player?

Pablo: it was near once with Koeller but no.

Mariano: in tennis there has never been a fight because if you fight you will be expelled for a lifetime.

Pablo: yes actualyl it would be a very weird situation but more than once the players got together and thought about kicking someone all on a group therefore they cannot suspend all of us.

Mariano: last question and we are done, did you ever do something not very professional the night before playing a match?

Pablo: no, well when I was a boy I ued to but not lately. I didn’t even look at the floor so I’m serious about the no lol!

Mariano: I do believe you because at the next day you get in the court for playing a match and it is impossible.

German Paolosky: but when you were a boy what kind of things did you do?

Pablo: yes, for example going out to a pub until 3am before playing and now I dont do it anymore. Or maybe not eating properly or playing a soccer match the day before a tennis match

German Paolosky: yes like Machi Gonzalez, our friend who played a soccer match and broke the cruciate ligaments of the knee.

And this is the completer interview in Spanish

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  1. Maria

    ANA – ESTUPENDO, increible, fantastico ….. mil y mil GRACIAS x compartir!!!!!

    Mil besitos y un abrazo gigante

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