Gaudio and his present into tennis: “I’m more out than in”

Gastón Gaudio was visiting what was his kindgom during 2004. The place where he met the glory in sports. The space where he got his maximun tenistic happiness. He has already stopped playing and with the official announce of retirement, “el gato” talks to us.

Interviwer: Are you retired?

Gaston Gaudio: it’s been nearly a year since I play last time so basically I’m more out than in nowadays. I don’t say that I’m reitiring for now but the moment is going to arrive for sure.

I: Is it hard for you to annouce it? Is it something you still have to think about? What is the feeling to say I’m out? What could happen for you to come back playing or for not coming back?

GG: Tennis is like a whole life, you know? It’s is all your life and you’re always going to be inside it. So saying googbye, I renounce to everything about tennis and I don’t want to play anymore is quite difficult. But obviously the step needs to be taken and it takes some time to process it. And I’m working on that now, trying to say the moment to say it’s enough has arrived and for now it causes me a quite weird feeling and I’m waiting for the courage to arrive.

I: What is your feeling when you come to Roland Garros

GG: The truth is that I love it, I enjoy it a lot everytime I come and i feel comfortable. When I go to tournaments after some time without playing and without being in the tournament as a player I usually don´t feel good, but in here it’s different I enjoy it a lot and I feel very comfortable. I like to be here without being a player or without being part of the tournament the feeling is awesome.

I: What was your first feeling today when you entered the Roland Garros resort?

GG: I didn’t think about when I won here. I entered and well it is good to meet people that you haven’t seen for a while and they’re all friends. Nice feelings. I didnt think about the match when I won no. I remember about situations on every different place I’m at.

I: and you can see people still greets you, it hasn’t been so long since you won in here. Or it seems for you that it’s been a long time?

GG: It seems like it was recently but, actually, it was some time ago, we are in 2011 and it was in 2004 but it doesnt seems like it’s been so long.

I: When you entered today the player’s lounge, what was the atmosphere? You rediscovered a world of which you were part, today that you arrived as a visitor?

GG: it is something that is going to be there for a livetime. It is incredible how you get into the players lounge and you can see all the stages: the ones who are starting, the ones who are in the best moment of their career… and some of us, for example I met Berasategui, Carlos Costa with people who I know for my whole life, it’s like a big family that is going to be there forever. I’m gonna come back here in 20 years I’m going to feel the same way. I mean, tennis was my life and I think that all of them who are in here in the player’s lounge has passed throgh the same situation as I’m right now and all of us have been through similar stages. Then it is like it doesn’t matter how much time goes by because we’re that big family that are going to get well forever and we’re going to be part of this.

I: And now that you’re outide the circuit? Do you revalue the tennis family?

GG: You live it from a different perspective, way more relaxed. You’re watching the situation from the outside and it is incredible the way you realize that when you were playing you have all that stress and the agony about getting into the court or having feelings that now when you look from the outside you think how couldn’t I realize that it was more beautiful and more calm a moment of maybe sitting and chatting with some people that maybe before there wasn’t even a possibility for to sit at a restaurant and talk with the people that were in that moment at the tennis.

I: You hid “gato”

GG: You got locked in the locker room or in the player’s lounge. But now you enjoy different things like talking about the moments you lived together. It is very different, it is way more relaxed and a situation with much less adrenaline but obvioulsy a hundred times less exciting but it is also good. They’re stages which you have to through and you have with you the ones that also passed through it and enjoy it in that way, watching it from the outside.

I: So, today you had the most relaxing lunch of you history in Roland Garros

GG: Yes lol!! and with lot of people and I had a different funny story with all of them to talk about

Before going on with the talk with “el gato” and starting to talk about the present of tennis, it is convenient to highlight that beyond films, statistics, dvds and pictures, the name of Gastón Gaudio is already written in a very special part of the Roland Garros resort which is the top ring of court number 1.

I: Who is your best friend from the ones up there?

GG: I get on well with Rafa, with Federer even better.

I: And Djokovic? Maybe you don’t know him that much

GG: Yes, I get on well with Djokovic but I haven’t seen him yet. The truth is that I get on well with nearly all of them.

I: Did you get surprise about Djokovic winning all those consecutive matches?

GG: Yes but not for him, I’d get surprised about anyway getting that. It’s extremely difficult. He has the tennis but so does Nadal, Federer and it is very difficult to achieve that. It is an incredible moment for Djokovic.

I: About Nadal… winning so many times in here. It is an advantaje? Can it make him to get relaxed? Getting him encourage? Make him more calmly to win again?

GG: I think that until now, what I have seen about those two matches, he is getting way more complicated that usual to win and obviously he feels the pressure like any other one when he has to come to win. He is used to coming to win but I think that for this tournament he is arriving in a different way because Djokovic is pushing a lot of pressure on him about getting the number 1 of the world and I think he’s feeling even more pressure although he is Nadal and he is the best player of all times, well not yet, but he can get to be.

I: After being a champion on here when you saw Rafa playing did you ever thought I’ll like to play in Roland Garros against Nadal?

GG: Yes, maybe the year after I won I had been better from my head with the tennis I was playing I could have reached a better result in here. And I think that year I would have met him in quarter finals and I really thought about that. I would have been a nice match, everytime that I played against Rafa were terrible battles and playing in here would have been like finishing a funny derby.

I: Is Nadal going to be on your farewell match?

GG: I don´t know.

I: Maybe Federer?

GG: I could be, someone is going to be there.

I: An important one?

GG: Hopefully yes

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