Davis Cup Team Announcement

The Davis Cup team that Tito Vázquez has chosen to play the tie against Kazajistan is Juan Martin Del Potro, David Nalbandian, Juan Ignacio Chela and Eduardo Schwank.

I translated the press conference in which Tito announces the team and the reasons that lead him to leave Eduardo Schwank out ot that team.

Tito Vázquez: It has been the most difficult decition we have had until now. In other ties, with Caio, sometimes we had some difficulties to get the forth player and this time there were five players who were an option all the time. Schwank was a candidate until the last moment, specially thanks to him results on dobles. As I said it was very difficult, I thought about it together with Caio and we decided to risk. The players don’t like to be called individualists, they are all singles and dobles players, even the players that you call as dobles players tell you that. Both players got a very outstanding performance against Romania, I think that the key of that tie was Pico’s single against Hanescu, the dobles was very important too because Chela and Schwank closed the tie perfectly without leting the Romanian recover. But there were also some factores that had to do with this decition, Chela and Monaco’s performace in the World Cup in Dusseldorf had some minimal repercussion even though it is not comparable a tie playing to the best of 3 sets than 5 sets, but the beat Kazajistan in the first match, Pico had a good performace wining quite easy their number one (Andrey Golubev) and also Pico and Chela won Sweden in the dobles match together. So the decition turned out this way. Unfortunately, we have to choose only four players even though in a Davis Cup meeting a year ago in Australia was mentioned the possibility of having five players on the team, what I think is right, but as some countries sometimes have difficulties to get five players they chose to not do it. And other reason that had repercussion was Eduardo’s single ranking nowadays, he is the number 186 in the world so he’s not having a good moment.

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One response to “Davis Cup Team Announcement

  1. Maria

    I’m so disappointed because Edu wasn’t nominated, especially after his RG final!!!!! So sad for him….
    … anyway!!!

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