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Del Potro and Monaco won and Argentina is one step away to reach the semifinals

Both Juan Mónaco and Juan Martín Del Potro won their matches easily and gave the two first points to Argentina in the tie against Kazajistan

Even though Tito Vazquez didn’t have the team he had firstly announced, David Nalbandian couldn’t play due to an injury, he bet on Juan Monaco for the singles match and the move went perfect.

In the first match, Juan Mónaco beat Andrey Golubev in just two hours and two minutes.  If we have a look at the 2 matches both players have played against each other this year we’d find same surface and two victories for Monaco (Madrid and Dusseldorf World Team Cup). Pico didn’t have any inconvenient and won his match in 3 sets (6-3/6-0/6-4). The match was marked by both successes and few failures from Pico as the large number of unforced mistakes by the Kazakh player.

The few seats that were vacant in the Mary Terán de Weiss, Parque Roca, for the first match got occupied to see the match that would face Juan Martín Del Potro and Mikhail Kukushkin. Delpo took the second point 6-2, 6-1, 6-2 in the match that closed the first day of the tie.

For the third point, Juan Ignacio Chela and Eduardo Schwank will play tomorrow against Evgeny Korolev and Yuriy Schukin. The Argentines will try to define the tie by winning the dobles match.

The winner of this tie, which takes place from Thursday to Saturday due to the elections in Buenos Aires on Sunday, will face the winner from Serbia and Sweden who are playing this weekend in Hamlstad (Sweden)

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Juan “Pico” Mónaco en Showmatch (Junio 2009)

Today it is going to be a very different post that what I’ve been writting or translating before. This is a video that Pico Monaco recorded for a tv program from Argentina called Showmatch. If there is anybody who read this blog and haven’t seen it yet then I hardly recomend to watch it because it is very very very funny and, if you have already watched it, it doesn’t hurt to watch it again lol!!

If anyone wants translation from what they say please do not hesitate to ask for it 😉

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